Double Buck Shirt Unit

Double Buck Shirt Unit

The Lightning Series is loaded with standard features that enhance quality and maximize production.  The front, back and sides of a shirt are beautifully pressed by the Contoured Chests, Formed Bucks & Side Air Bags.  The amazing combination of these features produces the highest degree of quality shirt.

Standard Features for Models LS Single Buck, LS1 All-In-One & LS2 Double Buck:

  • Fast Smooth Transfer
  • Multi-pass Heat Exchanger
  • Scheduled Maintenance Indicator
  • Foot Operated Collar Clamp
  • High Pressure Squeeze
  • High Capacity Blower
  • Color Coded Air Lines
  • Microprocessor Controls w/ Self Diagnostics
  • Foot Operated Cuff Clamps
  • Dedicated Vacuum System


  • Categories: Shirt Equipment

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